Email Marketing Essex

So you've built up a huge list of clients over the months and years and they've forgotten about you! First of all, let's send out an emailer to remind them that you still exist and then we’ll tell them about all of the wonderful services that you still have to offer.

Email marketing campaigns

What better way to stay in touch with your clients then to drop them a regular email, keeping them up to date with your latest offers and services.

We use MailChimp as a third party mass mail client to manage your email campaigns, email templates and customer email lists. We will set up a MailChimp account for you, import your existing client email list (if you have one), integrate a newsletter sign up box on to your website and design you an email template; everything you’ll need to get started.

Beyond this, we can give you training to manage and send out emails yourself, or alternatively, we can send them out for you (you just need to tell us what you'd like to shout about to your clients).