Podcast Company Essex

Ever thought about giving your business a voice?
Have you got a story you want to tell an audience?

Why not create a podcast,
it’s simpler than you think!

We will work with you to turn your story into an engaging podcast which your customers will want to listen to. Do you have interviews or videos already? We can lift the audio and make it into something new.

Did you know? Podcasts are not just for mobile. Up to 40% of listens will come from being embed into your blog, social media, website and email campaigns. Despite so many locations, you can centrally monitor all listens.

The reasons you should podcast


have researched or purchased something heard on a podcast
(Spotify Research, 2019)


will listen to the next episode if enjoyed the first
(Edison Research, 2018)


will listen in solitude meaning you have their full attention
(Edison Research 2018)


of people will listen to the podcast to the end
(Wired, 2019)